Project Experience of Marine and Benthic Survey


Construction and Development Office of Macau SAR: Management and
 Maintenance of Nature Reserve at Luk Tun - Responsible for ecological
surveys on marine fish, benthic organisms, insects and micro-algae.
Ø Engineering Feasibility and Environmental Assessment Study for Restoration of the
East Lamma Channel Marine Borrow Area íV Investigation: Fish Fry Survey
Ø Marine Surveys and Performance Verification of Cyberport Sewage Outfall
- Investigation- Benthic Sampling, Sorting and Identification
Ø Ecological impact assessment and damage quantification for AMORGOS Oil Spill
in Kenting, Taiwan.
Ø Performance Verification of Stanley and Shek O Outfalls. Responsible for
benthic sieving, sorting, identification and preliminary data analysis.
Ø Development of an Ecological Monitoring Programme for the Mai Po and Inner 
Deep Bay Ramsar Site.Involving the Study as benthic specialist.
Ø Preliminary ecological survey at East and West Lake (constructed brackish water
 lake/or wetland) in Nanwan, Macau.
Ø Nam Sang Wai Development - Benthic sample sorting, identification and
biomass estimation.
Ø Shenzhen River Regulation Project Phase I: Environmental Monitoring and  
Audit Programme: Project Manager and specialist for the benthic and
sediment sampling and sample processing

Hoi Ha Wan Ecological Study:  Studied benthic communities in streams and

the estuary at Hoi Ha Wan, Hong Kong.
Ø East Sha Chau Contaminated Mud Pit Environmental Monitoring: responsible for
long-term benthic monitoring
Ø South Cheung Chau Spoil Disposal Site Monitoring: Responsible for benthic faunal
sampling, sorting, identification and reporting

Fill Management EIA of Ninepin Islands: Responsible for baseline benthic study  

and impact assessment of the proposed dredging site near the Ninepin Islands.

Environmental Audit of Dredging in the Lamma Channel: Responsible for baseline

 ecological study and impact assessment of dredging on benthic fauna in the Lamma Channel.