Terrestrial Ecology

Mammal Survey

Ecological survey and monitoring usually involves mammal surveys. CHEC is experienced in conducting various surveys including small mammal trapping, flying mammal (Bat), borrowing mammal (e.g.pangolin), ruminants (e.g. Barking deer), and etc.
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Preparing trapping case for catching small mammal.



Small mammal trapping: setting Sheman's trap which is suitable for rats, mice and shrews.

Trapped rat (Rattus sp.) which will be measured for body weight, body length. Small mammal foot track recorded at Wo Sang Wai.
Dog-faced Fruit Bats (Cynopterus sphinx). They normally found roosting under the leave of fan plam. There is a large  Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) community at Kam Tin. They like inhabit at marsh where they can loss their body heat by staying in the water.
Domestic Cattle (Bos taurus) was wide spread thoughout Hong Kong country park. They are introducted from mainland china for farming purpose. Currently, most Domestic Cattle are feral.