Inter-tidal Ecology

Mudflat Survey


Hong Kong's high biodiversity site is probably at Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay Ramsar site where nearly 300 bird species recorded alone. CHEC has accumulated extensive experience by many years working in the area for several projects.

Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor) were feeding at mudflat


Quatraate sampling for surface animals:

Baseline survey and ecological monitoring usually require collect quantitative data as well as data shows seasonal variations.

A corel sampling is another quantitative sampling at mudflat. 弧邊招潮蟹(Uca arcuata) foraging on the mudflat. Epi- and in-fauna on mudflat are diverse and provide rich food resources for birds especially migrate species.
Epi-fanua : 肉球近方蟹(Hemigrapsus sanguineus) Epi-fanua : 鋸緣青蟹(Scylla serrata)
Epi-fanua : 短擬沼螺(Assiminea brevicula) Epi-fanua : 瘤擬黑螺(Melanoides tuberculata)

Epi-fanua : 彈塗魚(Periophthalmus modestus)

Epi-fanua : 紫蜓螺(Neritina violacea)
In-fanua : Capitellidae - Notomastus sp. In-fanua : Two species of Stenothyra sp.