Our Service

China-Hong Kong Ecology Consultant Co. offers services in providing professional evaluation of the ecological issues of the urban development  and achieving the best practicable solution from minimizing depredation of wildlife.

Recent years, CHEC involved several large EIAs for infrastructure projects including Lantau Road Link, Deep Bay Road Link and Northern Hong Kong Island Drainage Improvement project. CHEC deliver personal services tailored to client needs.  Scopes of our services are:


Ecological Impact Assessment
Ä Ecological Monitoring and Audit

- Impact Monitoring for Drainage/Sewage  Project

Ä Marine and Benthic Survey
Ä Tree Survey
All above services can be confined into following categories.

| Fish | Benthic |


| Mangrove | Mudflat | Coastal |

| Amphibian | Reptile | Mammal |